We have many male customers who just can't go back to razors or buzzers after trying our waxing for men services for body hair removal. Brazilian waxing for men is very popular among individuals who are involved in activities such as body building, modeling, acting, beauty contestants, or just anyone who prefers a true hairless experience over the itching and uncomfortable feeling you get from simply cutting the hair off. We are located in the Upper East side of Manhattan, NYC, has many waxing for men services for any part of your body. Browse our available waxing services for the latest prices and specials and get in touch with us when you're ready to setup an appointment.  

Full Body


Brazilian Bikini + Glutes


Brazilian Bikini


Regular Bikini Line


Glutes Inside Out


Stomach + Chest


Upper arms


Lower arms


Full arms




Under arms


Full Leg


Upper Leg


Lower Leg


Full Face




Full back + Shoulders


Lower back